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TapTasty is a solution for restaurants and pizzerias that allows efficient management of online orders, deliveries, marketing, and customer loyalty campaigns.

The idea took root in 2017 following a discussion between two friends, an entrepreneur and a cafe owner. Due to limited physical space, the latter sought a solution allowing customers to order from wherever they were while efficiently managing and delivering incoming orders. That's when we realized the potential of such a solution, and that's how TapTasty was born.

In addition to providing quality products, restaurants should do their best to improve their brand status by diversifying and facilitating order placement and delivery, receiving and analyzing feedback, and increasing customer loyalty while keeping a close eye on the bottom line.


To help restaurant managers be in complete control over their businesses through intuitive and affordable all-in-one software.

The Team

Adorian Chiorean


Doru Brad


Alin Mercheș

Board Advisory

Miron Brad

Project Manager

Ramona Chiorean

Sales Manager

Sorin Țîru


Elvis Păunovici

Content Marketer

Sebastian Sabău

Full-Stack Developer

Timotei Lorincz

Full-Stack Developer

Andrei Toderaș

Full-Stack Developer

Sergiu Gata

Full-Stack Developer

Where the magic is cooking.No pun intended.

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